Where is USDLR available?

Users that are not Stable customers with direct mint/redeem access can obtain USDLR on the secondary market.

For most users, USDLR can be obtained from the secondary market, including from Stable affiliates, on decentralized exchanges that support USDLR, or OTC from Stable customers that have direct mint/redeem access. Once a user owns USDLR, they can freely hold, transfer or trade it. USDLR can also be used to participate in DeFi activities such as liquidity provisioning and lending/borrowing.

In the future, USDLR will be available from more sources such as centralized exchanges so that non-institutional users can acquire USDLR directly from their centralized exchange of choice.


USDLR will initially be launched natively on Ethereum Mainnet. Bridged versions of USDLR can be found on:

  • Linea

  • Mantle

  • zkSync

  • Arbitrum

  • Optimism (coming soon)

  • Base (coming soon)

If you'd like to see USDLR on a different chain, please reach out at team@withstable.com

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