Stable Affiliate Program

Stable pays affiliates on their users' USDLR deposits. For a limited time, early affiliates can receive up to 10% (annualized) on their users' USDLR deposits as a marketing fee.

Why are we paying affiliates?

DeFi protocols and crypto companies play a critical role in driving demand for and distributing stablecoins. They are significant contributors to the success and profitability of fiat-backed stablecoin issuers but currently do not receive any direct benefits from them. Stable believes in rewarding the players that create value for USDLR.

Who qualifies to be an affiliate?

DeFi protocols, dApps and crypto companies that allow end users to buy, hold, save and/or transact using stablecoins could qualify to be Stable affiliates. Examples of potential affiliates include:

  • Leveraged trading protocols (perps and derivatives)

  • Crypto collateralized stablecoins

  • Wallets

  • Centralized exchanges

  • Savings apps

  • Crypto brokerage firms

  • Fintechs

  • Neobanks

  • Remittance and payments providers

Sign up for our waitlist at to find out if you are eligible to be an affiliate and start earning rewards from Stable.

How does it work?

Once signed on, affiliates can start earning rewards from Stable by just adding USDLR as an asset. This is exactly the same as adding USDC or any other ERC-20. No allowlists, wrapping or changes to your code are required.

Stable pays affiliates based on the amount of their users' USDLR deposits. For DeFi protocols and dApps, this would typically be the amount of USDLR TVL that their users' have deposited in the protocol smart contracts. For centralized crypto companies, this would be the amount of USDLR held in user accounts.

Stable pays affiliates the equivalent of 100% of its net interest income from US Treasury bills, which is currently ~4.5%. For a limited time, Stable will pay early affiliates up to 10%. Payments are typically paid monthly based on the daily average amount of USDLR deposits over the month.

Affiliates can use the rewards for operational purposes, to fuel growth, subsidize benefits and rewards for their users, or for any other legal use.

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